BlaBlaCar Roadtrip Documentary




I am embarking on a four month journey to capture how well strangers can connect within the span of a car ride. I will be using the carpooling service, BlaBlaCar. I am currently in Lisbon, the start of my trip, and didn’t blog the last week because of travel and scatter brain. Now that I am here, some conclusions:

It’s easy to tap out when you are uncomfortable, you must go beyond in order to grow

Travel is a privilege.

I love Lisbon.

It’s really hard for me to deny sugar, starches, and unhealthy carbs when they’re right in front of me.

Being fearful and operating under a mentality of timidness will do nothing for me. I must communicate, go beyond, and not hide in order to truly connect with other’s around me, which is the whole purpose and goal of this documentary.