Acne started showing up around 7th grade. “Don’t worry, it’s puberty”, I thought. Welp. It’s still here. It’s been ten years. What the fuck. I’ve tried taking pills which helped a little. I tried washing it away which didn’t work. And I tried changing what I ate which seems to be the biggest catalysts. But all these fucking sweets and chocolate croissants all over France are proving harder to shake than a porn addiction. Will I finish this blogpost and go straight to the kitchen counter 12 feet away and eat more sweets?

Acne makes me feel insecure. It makes me feel unqualified. It dampens my positive self talk.

So what the fuck am I doing to make it better?

The reason I can write about this “publicly” is because I’ve told one person about this website, and I doubt he will read this.

So here we are, ten years later with even more acne, maybe even less self control in some aspects and more in others.

Let’s leave acne in 2022.


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