I didn’t start this blog expecting anybody to read it. And clearly nobody has read it yet. But like I said that’s the whole point. An audience shouldn’t matter, but I do write in a certain way knowing that it’s only me that’s reading this. If I knew that I was supposed to cater to an audience, I feel like my writing would change drastically. I would refine, research, preplan all my posts so I don’t disappoint. But why would I? If it’s a crappy post, that’ll be 30 seconds and they’ll move on. So I should just write for me, right? I’m the one benefiting from these blog posts. So then yes I should write for me.

Why do we always have to perform? We want to look good in the public eye. But how much of their opinion is actually worth anything? When you have to give a talk in front of a bunch of high schoolers, and you’re shitting your pants backstage in fear, why? They’re just high schoolers. Their opinions should hold no value.

How would this blog change if I just wrote for myself? And solely for myself? What if I just did not check the statistics each day to “hope” somebody just so happened to stumble upon this blog. Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing, and I’m not sure why I keep doing that. Is it possible to create art at a higher degree of value if you only make it for yourself?


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