Two is one and one is none. It’s a hard balance with backups. Do I need two cars? What about two nail clippers? Or two of the same camera cord? If I get two of everything then I’ll be in a heap of crap I don’t need. Just think, if this thing broke, would I be totally out of service? Can opener? I can use a knife or borrow my neighbors or rummage through a nearby kitchen and find one. Your passport? Welp I’m stuck in this country now. Even though it’s hard to get a second one, you could have copies. What about your car? I could take public transpo, Uber, borrow a car, whatever. So two cars is not necessary. Two camera cords? If this one dies, then I have no way of powering my camera. That seems necessary.

So get backups!


Let’s get to 220 entries.

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