Brazil vs Germany




In the 2014 World Cup, Brazil lost in the semifinals to Germany 7-1. When do you quit? When you give up? Germany had 5 goals before the second half. Would there be a way to comeback? Of course there would be. If Germany could score 5 in the first half, then Brazil could score 5 also. But they only scored one and Germany scored two more. Defeat is quite eminent at that point. But what about Reggie Miller’s 9 points in 9 seconds? Or Tracy McGrady’s 13 points in 33 seconds? It’s definitely possible. But when you have already accepted defeat, why not just give up? Why didn’t Brazil give up? They kept on playing. Kept on trying. Even scored one goal. They walked away unbelievably sore as losers. And history will forever remember. But history will remember if they gave up. So just let the clock run out. And don’t give up. Keep playing.


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