Movie Idea




A documentary, maybe a short, about the Helper community in Hong Kong. How they’re underpaid, shipped from SE Asia. How all of them sit on cardboard boxes all over the city on the weekends. Also an exploration of the “public karaoke phenomenon” where they just sing and nobody listens.


I’m going to run and you’re going to chase me




I met this little girl, adopted from China by an English couple. The girl’s accent was so thick. It was really funny to see an Asian toddler speak with such a British accent.

She was maximizing all the fun she could have before her parents put her to bed. That meant playing with the other “kids” in the room, which happened to be me, a 23 year old, and a 30 year old.

All giggly, she laid out the ground rules: “I’m going to run, and you’re going to chase me.”

I was astonished. I realized that’s exactly what relationships should be: clear, specific, communication. What if she just started running? I wouldn’t know what to do. Is she going to hide for hide and seek? Is she going to a spot to start counting? Is she going to get blankets for a fort? What if she just yelled “tag!”? I could walk around, half heartedly playing with her. No! She said “I’m going to run, and you’re going to chase me.” She told me she was going to run! And wanted me to chase her!

This is textbook communication.
“I’m going to buy you flowers, and I hope it pleases you.”

“I’m going to do the dishes, while you fold the laundry.”

“I’m upset you were late to pick up the kids, while I was stuck with your mother-in-law.”

You learn so much from one sentence from a little girl!


Movie Idea




Similar to the movie Unfriended, a movie that takes place on a zoom screen, getting to meet the characters, through breakout rooms, group discussion, etc. Will have to somehow keep audience engaged like a Richard Linklater movie, very dialogue heavy. And also like that Norwegian short I watched at Clermont-Ferrand ’22 about the couple talking on a cliff.


Documentary for my kids




Documentary Idea: For my kids. Create a feature length (or short) doc of every year of my child’s life. At year 1, it’ll be more interviews of parents (me + wife) and some more comical “interviews” of the one year old. Content will drastically change + quality as they grow up and technology advances. Some will be only interesting for the family. Some will be more marketable and for film festivals. You won’t need context of other films to watch. If it enters the zeitgeist, people will talk about their favorite “age”. If kid wants to be a filmmaker, they can also pick it up post 18. Some will be mundane and suck to represent that age.