When you hate your job




Sometimes when I really don’t want to post on Social Media again for my job, I push away from my desk and slouch in my chair.

I feel like a piece of crap. Then I take a mental step back and think, wait this is my job. I get to post on social media. I get to travel to Japan and film camps. I get to invest in high schoolers.

My mom washed dishes till her hands were raw. My dad delivered Chinese newspapers. Now he delivers Chinese food. My mom works three jobs, still.

So yes this is my job. And I’m so lucky. So blessed. I have it so good. I’m in the 1%






For all it’s worth, rest. Or burn out, lose creativity, turn into a machine cog. Rest is a skill, a privilege, a necessity. Schedule your rest. Have your friends hold you accountable. Even Jesus rested.


Spiderman: No Way Home and Meme Culture




*contains Spiderman: No Way Home spoilers*

Seeing how Tiktok play a role in the new Spiderman movie was astonishing. That made me think how our culture can influence our media and vice versa. Media is much more powerful than we think. Then when Maguire kept saying “You’re amazing”, to Garfield, again and again, I thought this is just a meme. The same with when they were all in the science room putting fingers at each other. If we examine how memes have evolved, they continually got more creative and now we see some in a movie that cost more than $200 million and made more than $1.2 billion so far (in the times of the Omicron variant). Thus proving there’s a place for meme’s in this society. There always has been, and they’ve been deemed as childish, inappropriate, not professional. But this movie that everybody’s been waiting for, is filled with it. Were they just for laughs? To remind us of the absurdity of being human? They could be. And/or they are echoes of the society we live in now, where fear mongering dictates news outlets, where people spend millions on jpegs, and people invest in digital currency from a block chain.

Dogecoin was created as a joke to make fun of BTC, yet Elon Musk says, “Dogecoin has a higher transaction volume capability than Bitcoin, also with lower transaction costs.” So he’s a bull on Doge. There’s no red squiggly line under the word doge. It’s in our lexicon. There might be merit in investing in this meme coin seeing how prevalent meme culture is in our society. You could be posh and snob, but you can’t avoid it. You could be posh and snob and miss out on the NFT rise we’re going through now. One thing is guaranteed, this world is changing. What if gold loses it value? What if paper currency because we have to save the environment? Whatever happens, if you don’t jump on the train, you’ll be left behind.

Imagine a 12 year old kid in 1910 watching No Way Home. Would it be like a kid today putting on an Oculus Rift? Would they find it overwhelming? Unenjoyable? As the culture changes, media changes, art changes. So continue to create good art. Simple.






No matter how much we hate them, fight, bicker, and yell, family has a way of penetrating deep into our heart. They piss us off in a matter of seconds and can make us cry with a sentence. Reversely, they can make us feel appreciated or loved from a hot meal or a ride from the airport. Families suck. Families are beautiful. We didn’t get to choose our parents or siblings or aunts and uncles. This is who we have so make something beautiful. They are the only ones who will sit in the hospital chair while you’re dying, no matter how many times you’ve cursed them. Love or hate your family, it’s time the US saw healthier households and that starts with us.






If you have any interest with psilocybin on a profound level, do your research, find a guide, set your intention, be in the proper setting, and try it. I’m not an advocate for it because people can have bad trips. But if you’re capable of doing your own research, then perhaps create your own opinion of it. This mindset works with literally anything as well.


Happy New Year




It’s a new year. What will you learn? What’s on the calendar? How will you change? There’s so much potential. Learn from all the shitty things you did last year and change this year. Become a better listener. Work on your company. Whatever you do, transport yourself to Dec 31, 2022. Imagine you stayed stagnant and then imagine you unearthed lots of robust growth. How does each feel? Act accordingly!


Digging your car out of the snow




When your car is covered with snow from the past week’s storm, you grab your shovel and broom to dig it out. The tires will turn and the car won’t move. Ice and snow will fill your socks and tickle your feet. You’ll start sweating through your layers and still the car is buried. Keep digging. And if you’re making zero progress, get help, keep digging. And if you still can’t get the car to move, give it one more push and go to plan b. Don’t quit early. Don’t neglect other people’s help. Keep digging.


Bad is not bad




If you do something “bad”, its not actually bad. You fail a test. You crash a car. You piss your mom off. Before you label these as “bad”, how can you learn from them? How can you grow from them? It’s not actually bad. Stop complaining. Stop judging. Stop suffering twice and you’ll begin to see it’ s not that bad.

Happy blogging. Here’s to 10 more. Goal: #245


On people




Some people creep me the fuck out. Instead of trying to change them, I should change myself. I should change how I receive then, view them, judge them. Change works from the inside out.