Connecting with old pals




A good way to stay fresh is to reach out to people who you were once close to in the past. Now is honestly a perfect time to do it. Everybody is home so people aren’t terribly busy. So go ahead and cold call an old friend and see who it goes.

Me and my friend Sam called our friend Sarah who we meet in Barcelona. Sarah lives in Australia and we haven’t spoken for almost two years. It was such a wonderful conversation catching up with her. It felt like we were back in Barcelona and chatting like no time had passed. This really warmed my heart.

I also reached out to my friend Jack who I met at a summer camp. Super good to talk to him too.

I tried reaching out to my friend Mary but unfortunately I guess we had drifted too far apart and she didn’t want to talk. That was hard. I actually texted her today essentially apologizing for the drifting apart.

It’s a bit awkward at first but I believe it’s necessary. If you don’t reach out then those people will forever grow farther and farther. And the more time passes which will make it even more awkward. But it’s super scary for sure! Everybody has that fear and thinks “well if they wanted to talk to me then they’d reach out therefore I’m not gonna” valid. but just be the bigger person and reach out. Let me know how it goes


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