When does an interest in someone turn into a crush? And then turn into full fledged feelings? And then, dare I say it, love? How does that progression go? And what spurs on that progression? Is it just exposure to someone? Seeing them and spending more time with them again and again? Then how do you get from love, to now you hate that person? Is that also just spending enough time with someone? Isn’t it funny how time can create crushes and also abolish crushes? What about time with someone creates a crush and what about time with someone deletes a crush? Chemistry? Compatibility? How are feelings even created? Why do we as humans always look for someone else to do life with? Is it so they can serve us? That’s so selfish. What’s the point in that? Is it so we can serve them? That’s so noble. Do we really have that desire with in us? It’s such a curious matter having a crush on someone.


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