I overuse the deathbed litmus test because it’s so handy.

“Will I remember this on my death bed?”

This particular blog post? Probably not. What I ate for lunch? Doubt it. When I jumped out of an airplane? Not that either.

I probably won’t be reminiscing much about what I’ve done in life, because I’ll be in too much pain. Or I’ll be too focused on the loved ones around me, visiting me, bringing me flowers.

How can I lead a life that results in people I immensely love at my deathbed? The girl I had a fling with won’t be there, or my friend who cried with me when we said goodbye. Though I can practice loving those people around me, listening well, validating others emotions, so when the time comes to love those close to me, I’ll be so good at it.

So is that what life is? Cultivating a tribe of amazing people you love to surround you while they talk about pulling your plug or not?

I guess so. Because what else would it be? Climbing the career ladder? Making loads of money? Winning eight olympic medals? All these things are just practice – networking, meeting people, loving people, so maybe one of them can show up at your deathbed.


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