Desk Job




A recruiter made me feel really good about myself, after I had an initial interview with him.

Commence the romanticism. I better stop myself from looking for roommates in LA. It was a screening interview, nothing close to a job offer.

Plus, I blogged last month about committing to the dream of filmmaking instead of sitting at an office job and wasting my life away.

What if the company is making an impact in the future?

What about everybody like Tim Ferriss who says not to quit your day job so you can pursue your creative goals without financial insecurity?

What about the people like Kevin Kelley and Gon Freecs who say detours are important and really shape who you are?

What if I actually like this job, and the downside is it takes up a lot of my time?

A lot of what if’s here. If somehow I get this job (more romanticizing), I won’t know unless I pick a direction and go full force.

What will make me more proud on my deathbed? Filmmaking for sure. Yet I still want to take the job (again still not offered anything).

168 hours in a week. Minus 40 for work. Minus 56 for sleep (should those be so similar in quantity??), minus 50 for miscellaneous = 22 hours. Enough to make my passion a part time job…

Not a bad idea…

I’ll let you know on Thursday.


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