Engagement Party




My friend proposed to his girlfriend yesterday. At the engagement party, she was smiling the whole time, showing off her ring (a gorgeous ring), giving everybody hugs. And she’s not the type to strut or boast, she just seemed so happy.

I felt a strange nostalgia for the past mixed with a welcoming appreciation for the future. We’re all growing up. My friend, who is younger than me, is now engaged. I felt so privileged to be in that room, celebrating them two.

Next year they’ll get married, honeymoon, start their life, live with one another, maybe try for kids, maybe fight, argue, watch each other grow old. And to be able to celebrate them in the beginning, what a privilege!

Maybe you’ll go to a bunch of engagement parties in your life, take a picture with the couple, get your phone back, zoom into your face and think, “where did the time go?”


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