The reason why I like movies is because they take me out of this world. I’m allowed to forget who I am for two hours and find myself in the handsome main characters. The reason I like driving down the road with windows down and music blaring is because nothing can affect me then. I just have one goal and that is just to drive. I don’t have to think about anything else. I can sing as loud as I can and not give a crap.

These are all great things, but when am I going to be okay with reality? I continually seek experiences that take me away from who I am actually am, and my current problems. Skydiving, snowboarding, creating movies, creating songs, watching porn. It’s a whole list. I seek to forget who I am because I am not okay with who I am. But this is the life that I am given. This is who I am. Whether I’m okay with it or not, this is me. So start being okay. Start being okay with reality. Make your reality so good so you won’t need to look away. Be okay with yourself. Starting now.


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