Expectation and Apreciation




Many times in my life my expectations disappointed me. That’s how it works anyways. When have your expectations ever been met? And when they’re met, you’re just like “meh”. I think that’s the whole point. Expectations are meant to be let down. Only when they’re unbelievably exceeded do you feel something. And you can’t have them exceeded each and every time. You’re gonna get let down because of Lacan’s theory on objet a and all of that ish. So in Man’s Search For Meaning he suggests replacing expectation for appreciation. Just appreciate that you can be in that situation, appreciate what’s around you, appreciate what you have, the opportunity to even compete or talk or do that thing or whatever. I’m going to go see two friends, and I have some expectations in my head. I’d prefer not to get disappointed. So let’s just be grateful. I appreciate them letting me go see them. I appreciate the means I have to get there. I appreciate the entertainment I have whiling driving up there. I appreciate the situations that lead me to meet them. I appreciate they still wanna be my friend.


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