Fall 2020




School next fall will be

  • entirely social distanced
  • can only eat at your school dining hall
  • 30 people inside the dining hall at one time
  • have to eat alone
  • Saturday and Friday classes
  • no freshman orientation
  • if you break social distancing then you have to go home
  • no sports teams
  • can only see your roommate
  • go home for the semester for thanksgiving break
  • everybody has to be tested
  • everybody has to wear a mask

Some people can label this as suffering. It definitely is privileged suffering. But if this is what school is going to implement for health purposes, then how can we still make it a beautiful semester? What will be the new norm? Eating outside six feet apart from a group of friends? Sneaking off to eat off campus with your friends? How will we touch our friends? It’s going to be interesting. And so exciting


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