Forgotten Post




I could’ve swore I wrote a post yesterday. But I come on this morning and don’t see anything. Was it accidentally deleted? Did I accidentally not post it? But here’s the thing – I can’t remember what I posted. A lot of these posts I don’t remember. That’s why memory is so interesting. What will we choose to remember about today? Somethings will be easier than other things. I’m sure there are days where we don’t remember anything. Then was that a day wasted? Do we live ultimately to serve our memory? Do we wanna do cool things just so we can remember them? I’m not entirely sure. Or do we want to just be in the moment. If we remember it, great. If we don’t, great. But we just want to be in the moment and enjoy it for what it is. Perhaps that’s the right mindset because sometimes you write posts and you don’t even remember what you wrote. But if I’m enjoying the process then it’ll be worth it.


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