Go, Do, Be




Sometimes I see middle aged men and think, “where did all their life go?”

They seem lame, overweight, unaccomplished. I’m critical of this because I fear this will happen to me.

What if I go up to them and ask, “What have you done with your life?”

They might tell me, “I’ve been to Japan, Belarus, and even Lesotho when I was young.”

I’d stay there with a bit of awe.

What if they said, “I’ve road tripped all around Eastern Europe while gathering research for my GPS business.”

Okay that’s a little cooler.

Or what if they say, “I’m 25 year veteran in vispausana meditation, ultra marathoner, and foster dad to 10 kids.”

Now that’s different.

These three scenarios change from going, doing, and being.

I’ve gone here. I’ve done this. I am this.

We should be striving to become someone. Because what’s the point in going to Japan if you only get a thinner wallet and Kyoto keychain?

What’s the point in getting research for your GPS company when all you get is a bit more money?

It all points to becoming someone more levelheaded, perseverant, witty, holy, loving, caring, kind.

So where have I gone? Plenty of places. 17 countries in 2022.

What have I done? Hitchhiked all over Western Europe to make a documentary.

And who am I? That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

Filmmaker? Writer? Brother. Son. Storyteller. Creative. Musician?

Beloved. Funny. Curious. Insecure. Figuring things out.


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