Grad School




Why do I want to go to grad school? For the

  • Community with like minded people
  • Chance to live in Europe
  • Accountability to make films
  • A master’s degree to potential use to go into teaching
  • Easy Access to European Film Festivals
  • There would hopefully be no cost, and I could make some money
  • Chance to shoot European weddings
  • Learn more about myself and documentaries through formal education
  • I’m young and I can afford two years

Why do I want community with like minded people? Because life is sweeter with people who understand you and people you understand. How will I get out of my comfort zone and meet people unlike me? Meet the locals of each country.

Why do I want to live in Europe? Because when you’re plopped in a place without all the answers, you are bound to grow. Then I can practice my language skills.

Why do I want accountability to make films? That way I won’t become lazy and complacent with making art and shipping work.

Why do I want a master’s degree to go into teaching? That way I might be able to find a job at a High school or community college, maybe even more prestigious, and teach my craft and impact students lives, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.

Why do you want easy access to European Film Festivals. There are many prestigious film festivals in Europe that I could go to, submit films to, without having to fly across the pond. And it seems like they’re less cut throat than USA FFs.

Why does it matter that there will be no cost, and you can make some money? Then I won’t have to dip into my savings and pay $21k for a master’s degree. I would be grossed out if I had to pay this much. So money is a huge factor. If it’s free, and I can pocket some money, then I won’t have to worry. Plus the standard of living is less in certain cities.

Why do you want to film European weddings? That way I can actually make my company into a Destination Wedding company. It’ll be less of a burden to shoot weddings for free if I’m already in Europe. And get more work, create relationships with planners, and then I can live off that income and only shoot like maybe 10 a year. That’s at least 50k and I can live off that as one person. I’m doing fine and saving a bunch with 33k a year.

Why do I want to learn more about myself through docs and formal education? Because there’s so much room to grow. I am not that comfortable in my own skin. Although I am getting more and more. Learning about psychoanalysis from my college professor was very enjoyable. I like self help, and getting better at my craft and learning more might lay down some steps so I can be okay with myself. At least hit a baseline, and then maybe pursue something spiritually.

Why does it matter that you’re young and you can afford two years if it ends up sucking? It won’t suck because of radical acceptance, responsibility and meditation. And it doesn’t matter if I’m young or not. It only matters that I’m not dead. So therefore I should pursue this so I can come out as a 25 year old, different, changed, wiser, more patient, empathetic, resilient, stronger, funnier. 25 years is half of my twenties. Wow. That is frigthening. And also exciting. Where will I go after the Masters? Stay in Europe? (lol I know @ marie and sunny) or go back to the States? Will I be in talks of some feature docs? Or narrative stuff? Everything can change. I might hate docs at that point and want to do animation or children’s books or writing, or DP or narrative. Who knows! It’s all so exciting. There’s so much randomness in this world that could make me laugh at this blogpost in two years. I’m grateful. So grateful. Fingers crossed to the moon that I get in. Thanks for reading.


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