How badly do you want it




When I would go rock climbing in Portugal or France, I found myself giving up mid way up the problem time and time again. “How badly do you want it?” is that I would tell myself. Clearly not that badly. Because I continue to give up. If I truly wanted it, yearned for it, dreamt about it, I would finish the problem. But I get half way up, say, “Oh this is too hard” then let go and fall down. We do this with so many things in our lives. So whatever you’re working on, how badly do you want it? If you’re in pain, how badly do you want to stop being in pain? If you want the pain to stop, then what are you doing to get rid of it? Nothing? Then you clearly don’t want it that badly. Perhaps you’re just numb to the pain and you just want to keep it around for old times sake. Beats me. But if you want it to go away and experience the freedom of finally being pain free, then do something about it. What steps are you taking?

I’ve had this pain in my knee for at least three years. I’ve done minimal work to get rid of the pain. Clearly I don’t want it to go away that badly. But I can change that.


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