Introduce Yourself




I was hanging out with some of my friends yesterday, when other people started to show up. I had to then leave, I said goodbye to everyone. And nice to meet you to those that I met. One guy in particular, I didn’t get to shake his hand, and he said “I didn’t meet you but bye” snarky cheeky comment. I said “hi my name is Caius. Nice to meet you.” Then I left. I also introduced myself to a guy named Chase. He did not seem all for meeting me. I have no idea why.

It is respectful to go up to people you don’t know, shake their hand and introduce yourself. That is what I did with the people that I hadn’t met there, with the exception of snarky comment guy. I don’t know what his deal was. Maybe cause I didn’t shake his hand? I didn’t get the chance to because I was playing spikeball. But I easily could’ve during one instance I guess.

So introduce yourself to people. Start off on a good foot.


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