Just a little bit more




After a day of screenings, expensive french food, and walking around the city, I went to the festival bar to meet people. I didn’t know a single person there. I did a round outside then went inside to do the same. All strangers. Shit I wasn’t feeling courageous to talk to strangers. Ironic right since that’s the topic of my documentary. So I was about to leave but wanted to stay a little bit longer to give it a little bit more. Then I spotted Liga, the Latvian girl I met earlier. A familiar face! Finally. I met her at the bar and started talking. Which slowly led to me meeting Iris, Hyatt, Lena, Solomon, Jukka, Yasmine, Bruno, and Maggie. And one of them has their own production company and could possibly help produce my feature doc??? Exciting! So stay a little longer. Go a little bit more. Do two more pushups. Walk a couple more steps because your world could change!


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