Let’s meet up at Panera and play Nintendo Switch




There’s a group of boys in the booth next to me playing Nintendo Switch. I imagine the texts went something like this.



Want to play Smash?




Okay let me shower first

They look so lame. Mundane. And that’s not a knock. Just matter of fact. They probably played some mediocre games, nothing noteworthy. Maybe next week they’ll do the same. Probably earlier. This is life. The mundane. They’ll continue playing video games together, growing their friendship. One day, one of them will get married, and maybe the other will be the best man. Maybe one day in college, one will have a breakdown, and the other will know exactly what to say. Because of that Nintendo Switch. Because they spent time in the mundane to get to know one another, where you really get to know someone, sometimes just sitting in a car, sometimes playing video games.


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