Make Your Bed




I’ve been making my bed for three years now, not really knowing the benefits of it. Finally I feel like it’s clicked. Making your bed makes you get out of bed with something to do. That way you don’t stay there forever and stare at your phone. Making your bed makes you feel accomplished right from the get get in the morning. Seeing a made bed right before you go to sleep is always a good feeling. A clean made bed looks better and makes you feel more at ease. If nothing goes right into the day, at least you’ve made your bed. Sometimes you do things for three years not knowing why you do them. Sure you know it’s “good for you” but it hasn’t really registered. So you keep doing it and maybe three years later it will click for you. And all those times you made your bed prior were worth it. And you were happy you kept at it. So make your bed folks!


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