Meat and Potatoes




If your mother prepares meat and potatoes for you every day for dinner, you’ll start to get used to it. The meat is great, easily the principal part of the dish. That’s what its the meat. And the potatoes – meh. They’re good too, but not the main act. One day, your mother doesn’t make meat. It’s just potatoes. You’re upset because normalcy is broken. But you don’t have a choice. So you sit down and eat your potatoes. You realize, “Wait these potatoes are actually really good!” You’ve been blinded by the meat for so long, you didn’t realize you’ve got some real good potatoes. It took removing the meat, for you to appreciate potatoes.

This idea is called the limit – based off of Jacques Lacan’ objet a. The thing that is limiting us from having all that we want, actually leads us to satisfaction. That’s why coke comes in a can. That’s why your iPhone isn’t perfect. That’s why removing the meat made the potatoes taste better. Appreciate the lack you have.


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