Mind Games




She doesn’t text you back in a day, so your mind creates the worst possible narrative. She hates you. Doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore. Finds you regretful and a waste of time and energy. These stories are so powerful and can really drive us down in a pit. Reversely, why don’t we make stories in a positive light? She’s really busy working on herself and other ventures, and she wants to be able to give you her full attention when she replies. She values conversation with you, and she is actually quite nervous because she doesn’t want to mess anything up, so she’s just thinking over her words. I don’t know. The negative stories seem so much more believable. Our mind plays games on us. We don’t have to fall victim to them. It’s just a story. A simple story. It’s not real life. Put the book down and pay attention to real life.


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