Money and Young Adulting




As this trip comes to an end and feel somewhat guilty for spending lots of money, I’m scouring the LinkedIn job boards for a job. Just like I did around a year ago – and only got accepted at one job paying $16 an hour.

My dream is to make films. I am making films right now. But having money makes allows me to sleep under a roof and eat vegetables instead of potato chips all day. And I’m not getting paid to make films right now.

So I have to find a job. And the cycle continues. I felt like I was wasting away my life working in that office for $16 an hour, and I only worked for one hour of out of the eight since it was so easy.

Is this what life is? So many Americans are trapped in this cycle. Even with remote jobs, you’re wasting 40 hours a week for some large company so they can make money. And they take the money you make them to go on fancy vacations to escape work. And you take the money they give you to do the same. Work 40 hours a week for like 20 weeks and then take a 4 day vacation. Rinse and repeat.

So you have to love the work you do. But who loves crunching numbers? Who loves recruiting? Who loves working 80 hours a week staring at stocks? On your deathbed will you be thinking of all the money you made for Deloitte or all the cool candidates you hired?

No. So fuck it. I’m going for the dream. The money will follow. And in the mean time, I will rely on my community for help. That means handouts. That means charity. And if this Documentary project taught me anything, it’s that strangers are kind. People want to help. There’s room at the table.

Luckily I enjoy wedding films which is tangential to the films I want to make. Or who knows, I cave and find some stupid remote job while I sit behind a computer and waste away my life. And I’ll lie on my deathbed and reminisce about this documentary adventure, my last hurrah, before I threw in the towel for corporate chaos and a hefty paycheck. All while my funeral outfit won’t even have pockets because what’s the use in money when you’re dead.


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