100 posts. When I first started this blog, I decided that I would make the decision to continue or quit after 100 entries. I wrote my first entry on 4/29/20. So much has changed. My blog writing style has changed. My quarantine routine has changed. My initial “experiment” was to see how much traffic I could generate. I’ve gotten about maybe ten views and I could not care less. My first post is friendly and long. My posts now are short, to the point, read it and leave.

I will continue this blog for at least 100 more entries. It has been enriching to write down a claim and stand by it – to generate ideas for all the public to see.

When I first started the blog, I had doubts I would reach 100. Now I’m here, and I didn’t expect life to be like this. I didn’t not see what was coming. In April, it was still a little cold, I still worked out indoors, so much was different. And now, things are even more different. And the next 100 will continue to be!

These are the mountains we have in life. Something you’re working towards. This mountain was quite quite small. We all have those bigger mountains we face. Once you get to the top, everything will be different. Not at all how you pictured it. Yet, it won’t feel that significant. Things will have for sure changed, but because it’s such a gradual change, you won’t really feel all that different. That’s why the journey – the climb – is the most important part. Pick your mountains but love love love the journey. That’s where life is found.

Here’s to 100 more.


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