My tentative ten year plan




September 2022 – September 2025
23-26 years old
Live in HK, working for YL the first year. Reevaluate the next. If not, working somewhere else. Perhaps weddings. I will have my HK ID. I will be conversationally fluent with canto and mando at the end of year 2. Professionally fluent by end of year 3.

I will have finished and released the BBCRTD and had a small major festival run. I will have finished editing a final draft v1 of HOTW, without the footage I would get when I return home.

September 2025 – March 2027
26-27 years old
Living at home, briefly to get footage of my mom and my dad and siblings for HOTW. Finish editing, release to major festivals and have a good run. Live off of savings and some weddings here and there and maybe small odd jobs

March 2027 – March 2030
27-30 years old
Get hired/sign up for 3 high budget fiction films and direct those. Have a much much much better relationship with parents and siblings as parents will be 64 and 74 years old. When not doing film, managing the self-sustaining twelve ten films and writing on the side personally. Whether that be a memoir, screenplays, fiction.

March 2030 – March 2033
30-33 years old
Get hired for 1 more high budget fiction films and pursue my own documentary topic that I really want to pursue. Release and sell to a streaming service. Travel to each GCB respectively to get a 10 year check up. Continue to write screenplays, memoir, other general writing. Be married or getting ready to propose. Saving a lot money I’ve been making with film. Money invested has grown significantly. Money is no longer a stressor. I give generously and still have enough.

March 2033 – beyond
33 – old
Continue to direct one movie every couple of years, making lots of money. TTF is self sustaining so I don’t need to direct commercials. Money I make from directing is a huge huge lump sum, which I can comfortably even out. Wife is making a considerable amount as well. We give away a lot of money/pay for friends stuff. We buy a house somewhere and really start to build roots there. I keep up with friends from all over the world so my language skills don’t dip. We are heavily invested in the church community and ministries. We think about kids.


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