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This is going to be an experiment. How much traffic can I generate on this free website with no major wordpress decorations, advertising, social media, etc. Just word of mouth. That it.

Introduction: My name is Kiubon. Nice to meet you.

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Claim #1: Everybody is scared to do something significant. Including me. Can you name something significant that you’ve done in your life? Truly truly significant. Not something small like I’ve walked my dog for the past year. That’s great. Don’t get my wrong. But something that just oozes of significance. Can you? Can I?

A small list
-living in Portugal for 67 days, knowing 0 people, speaking 0 Portuguese
-not eating for 3 days
-getting into a prestigious university
-starting a company
-starting an IMF diet
-being vegan for a while
-walking on to a collegiate sports team with no experience
-not crying when I lost my virginity

I mean how much of this stuff is actually significant? I was just trying to list off some accomplishments and they seem kinda lame to be honest. Is this all my life has been? These mediocre “accomplishments”? That’s kinda sad don’t you think?

So what would be significant for me?
-becoming friends with my dad
-winning an Oscar
-opening a restaurant that’s 100% free
-setting up some charity in China for poor children
-becoming fluent in all the languages I’m trying to learn, French, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Portuguese
-fixing all my family problems
-bringing all of my friends skydiving

Let’s say I do all these things? Will I lie on my death bed finally happy that I’ve achieved significance? Finally happy that my life meant something? Or are those all of my objet a’s (pretentious psychoanalytic term from Lacan that just means unachievable thing)

What’s your significance? What would make you feel significant? What have you done that’s significant?

Thanks for reading number 1. I will see you soon


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