objet a




There’s this psychoanalytic theory thought up by Jacques Lacan called objet a. It’s a tangled mess of intellect, so to summarize simply –

That thing you want, when you get it, you won’t be satisfied. We never are. Whether that’s having sex for the first time, finally getting to eat at the beautiful restaurant, or holding an Oscar in your hand. All of these things will be unbelievable, but not satisfactory. At least not forever. That’s why desire is not satisfied. It just snowballs. “Maybe this we’ll be the thing that makes me feel satisfied, or this will, or this will.”

I buy about $3.5k in camera equipment yesterday. They’re cool and all, but they don’t satisfy me. That’s why you have to fall in love with the process. That’s what Lacan says. The limit is the thing that gives us pleasure. Waiting for the packages should be the best part – not getting the thing. Without the waiting, you wouldn’t want it as much. Don’t yearn for the product, yearn for the process.


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