One Month Since Europe




A month ago, I boarded a flight from Lisbon to Columbus, eager to go home. It had been a long 104 days coasting around. I was eager to finally be comfortable, to know where I was sleeping, to wear other clothes, to shower comfortably. Now it’s too much. I think back on this month, what did I accomplish?

  • I applied to so many jobs
  • I finished a wedding video.
  • My screen time jumped from 1.5 hours to 5.5 hours


One month in Europe, let’s take February for example,

  • hopped between six different cities
  • hitchhiked eight different times
  • met so many new people
  • reconnected with old friends
  • and plenty of other things

Granted, you can’t live in a mode of go go go all the time, it is exhausting on all fronts. More so, you have to appreciate everything you have when you have it. And in this case, it is food I don’t have to pay for, my own bed, a shower whenever I want, a gym membership, my own car (I don’t even pay for my gas), friends who live close by, etc etc.

Sometimes it’s just hard to be grateful. More first world problems and more complaining from this 22 year old trying to figure it out.


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