One of the best nights of my life



I started the day yesterday speaking with one of my old “students”. I definitely taught her nothing and wasn’t formerly her teacher. I was just there in France to fart around for the summer while making movies with kids. That was in summer 2018. I reached out to Claudia asking if she’d want to meet. We have literally not talked since that French countryside summer. It was surreal. She is a completely new person. The amount of growth, strength, wisdom, she showed was breathtaking. Wow. I’m baffled at how much positive growth she’s experienced. How crazy to meet someone for like two weeks in the middle of nowhere France and then meet again in a Spanish coffee shop, wearing masks, displaying absurd amounts of growth.

Following that, a group of charming Italians, two Frenchies, and an Irish guy welcomed this American tourist with warm outstretched hands. I laughed about 70% of the entire night, while completely sober and having an amazing time. I didn’t care what people thought of me or my dancing, the banter was impeccable, the group chemistry was like a sitcom. I’m at a loss of words to describe how warm, accepted, and lovely I felt yesterday.