Palestinian Refugee Children




I’m in Jordan working for the nonprofit Lights, Camera, Learn. For our June program, we are empowering Palestinian refugee children by creating movies with them.

Yesterday was hectic. Kids were running around. telling me to speak Chinese, pulling at my phone to use google translate. I was tired. Kids are tiring. In the midst of it, I thought if I had similar experiences like them. I can see some faces of the people who lead church activities or swimming games with me. I can’t remember their faces.

These kids will forget my name. I won’t remember and won’t want to think about my time in Jordan when I’m on my deathbed.

So what really matters here? It’s just this moment. And making sure the kids are having fun. Yes I’m tired. Yes I won’t remember this. Though we have now, so let’s have fun. Let’s make today a good day, in hopes tomorrow will be good too.


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