Peace with God




According to John Mark Comer, the older you get while following Jesus leads to peace with God. Not peace in the sense that, “everything’s gonna work out.” Because it clearly doesn’t for some people. (stoned to death, crucified, thrown in prison, etc etc, we have it easy in the US). Peace in the sense, wherever you take me God, you will make it favorable for your kingdom. Which might mean, okay go stand in a corner while I throw rocks at you until you’re bleeding out of your ears. Or it’s might mean, stay here in this high school until you’re old and still single, and love them.

Nothing really fazes you anymore. You don’t care much about judgement of others. Because you’re His.

Now how do you get there? How do you get intimate with God? How do you know it’s truth so you dedicate your life to it?

That’s the biggest, and hardest question in my life right now.


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