People inherently suck




Relationships are hard. Friendships are hard. It’s so hard to be a good friend. Why is that? It’s because we are inherently lazy and sucky people. I am convinced that people find friends for community – to better themselves. They don’t actually care about the person. The care and love develops over strenuous time. That is true friendship. Why don’t we spend the extra three seconds to be nicer in a friendship? Respond faster, buy them unexpected gifts, spend literally three seconds to just shut up and listen. After high school, you tend to lose touch with lots of friends. If you truly cared about them and loved them, you wouldn’t let that happen. But you let it happen because they were just temporary community for you. I’m not saying you have to keep in touch with someone literally every second of the day, but if you truly cared about them you wouldn’t let your friendship get to the point where it’s fucking awkward when anyone reaches out. Real relationships are based on serving. Do you serve? Or do you just look for ways in which they can serve you? As soon as somebody walks in the room, and you think, I could be their friend, is it cause you want to see how they can benefit their life? It’s an interesting line with friendship. Are your friends based on utility, pleasure, or virtue? (see Aristotle)


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