Randy Pausch




I remember watching Randy Pauch’s last lecture a long time ago as a kid. Maybe I was a freshman in high school? The only two things I remember are, when he said don’t feel sorry for him because he’s actually strong, and then he proceeds to do clapping pushups. And also all the talk of head fake, cause the lecture was for his kids. I don’t remember anything else. Yesterday, I watched the 10 minute Opera version. It’s fascinating to see how life is different. I’m sure back then, I didn’t blink twice about the quality of it, but now watching the video, the first thing I notice is how bad the video quality is. I wanted to see how much my brain had developed. Because I remember watching the last lecture the first time and barely understanding a thing. Now things are different. I’m a bit smarter, wiser, and more mature. How will I continue to grow? What new things will be unearthed as I continue to grow? So much and more.


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