Responding to unconditional love vs conditional love




My mother told me about some good news at work today. She loves her coworkers. As she smiled and recounted the details, I couldn’t sympathize with her. I simply don’t care about her coworkers.

I called my friend in France today and I shared in her victories, completing her exams. I don’t care about her exams either. Yet over the phone, I was ecstatic for her.

Why am I acting this way? I know despite whatever reaction I show my mother, she will continue to love me. I don’t need to display positivity when she told me about her coworkers because she’s my mom.

With my French friend, what if I go to France and need a place to stay? Then I should be happy and encouraging around her, right? This French friend has and will do nothing remotely close to what my mother has done for me.

So should I treat my French friend with honesty? Not caring about her exams? Although I’d like to say I’m praising her because she’s my friend and I care about her, which are all true things, I wouldn’t mind having a place to stay if I ever go visit.

Or should I just treat my mom with more praise and encouraging behavior because she’s my mother?

The answer is obvious here.


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