I brought up the question earlier to think of your accomplishments and see if they satisfied you. I only found temporary satisfaction in the things that I accomplished.

So is satisfaction a cycle where you continue to just look for the next thing and the next thing? I think so

But what about capital S Satisfaction? Can that be achieved?

I was talking to my friend and he said he has to check these 5 boxes to feel Satisfied

  1. Run or exercise
  2. Be social
  3. Wake up early and go to bed early
  4. Get the task at hand/work finished in the morning by working straight through it
  5. Loving someone or feeling loved by someone close to you

I brought up the point that number 5 is the big one for everybody. I think you could take out all of those things but the big one for everybody is number 5. That’s the one that a lot of people are striving for and a lot of behavior is subconsciously geared towards that.

Isn’t it sad the love from number 5 is conditional? What if you really break their trust or they do something horrible to you? That love would disappear. My problem with those five is, those are all conditional. And that capital S Satisfaction would then reset the next day and I’d have to strive for them again. Let’s say I achieve all those things in a stable environment when I’m 30 years old. Am I seriously going to be satisfied doing those five things every single day for the next 70 years? Of course I have no idea but my gut is saying, no there has to be more than that. I feel like it would get monotonous or repetitive striving for the same five things everyday.

What if we could be satisfied even if we mess up those five things. What if I break my legs and I can’t run, yet I still could be satisfied. Is there some way I could get satisfaction unconditionally? Despite anything I do, even if I am a superstar, even if I am a shit faced ass hat.

I think that’s the basis of Christianity. And that’s a post for a different time


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