Scared of a group of 16 year old girls



I live with a French family here in Hong Kong. I share a bathroom with a 16 year old girl, and tonight she brought home a group of friends. I had just finished eating some bok choy and roast duck, when they all came out of her room, speaking fast french, laughing, followed by some sushing. I didn’t dare go wash my plate. The bones just sat there, simmering in the used napkins. I just locked myself in my room, even had to go to the bathroom, but I kept tight.

Sometimes you’re scared. And you recognize it. How irrational it is. And you don’t do anything about it. I’m paying 6000 HKD a month for rent. Yes I’m entitled to the bathroom whenever I want. But sometimes a group of 16 year or old girls, you’re afraid of their judgment, what they will think of you, and even scarier, if they ask you a question.

I know it’s so dumb. They finally left, so I went to pee.

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