Some things you just can’t do




My host sister is throwing a party. I walked up to the front door, heard the music, laughter, talk about boys, you could hear lots of them. I didn’t dare go in.

There’s just some things you can’t do. You recognize you’re a scared little wuss, and say, “okay fear I’ll let you have this one.”

So you walk to the park and read on your phone for 45 minutes under the sprinkling rain and cold wind, only to walk right back up, hear them still partying, and walk back down.

But what if you recognized that fear anyways and opened the door? Waltzed right in, owned it, and said, “don’t let me stop the party. I’m just going to be in my room”, that wouldn’t be so hard, would it?

What if you rose to the occasion? Just like they do in the movies. Be brave anyways.

Wouldn’t you make yourself proud?


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