Stateside and Hedonic Adaptation




From January 6 to April 20 I was travelling around Europe for this documentary. Now that I’m back home, hedonic adaptation is already settling in. I have my own bed – bigger than any I slept on in the past 3.5 months. I wore two socks and one outfit the whole time and I’ve already gone through three pairs of socks since being here. There’s food in the fridge I can eat. I don’t feel the pressure to leave or feel like I’m being a burden. I feel at home, with the exception of the bad relationship with my dad, which is an entirely different documentary in of itself. I have my own car. I can shower whenever I want. I’ve worked out at a gym twice. I’m taking things for granted.

These past 3.5 months were filled with novelty. And that’s how you combat hedonic adaption – by seeking novelty. The feeling doesn’t get old – not knowing where you’re gonna sleep. Sticking your thumb up for two hours with a fat smile on your face makes you laugh after a certain amount of time. Splurging on a hostel so you can party and explain once more to a bunch of strangers that you’re making a documentary so you can see on their face if they think you’re cool or not.

So yes I’m getting used to being here already. And that’s okay because it’s time to rest and work before the next adventure – Jordan!

Come on in hedonism. Make yourself at home. Knock on my door all you want – I will always open and kick you out when it’s time.


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