It’s thanksgiving today which means I cheated on my diet. I wasn’t planning on cheating today. Maybe tomorrow because that’s when the big meal is. So I caved and ate at least six slices of delicious apple and pumpkin pie. What do I do? Feel guilty? Feel ashamed? Go run it off? It’s always good to exercise so I’m definitely going to do that. But how is it productive to feel like worthless because I cheated on my diet? What comes from that? I’ll just call myself a shithead, my self esteem will plummet, I’ll want to feel better, so why not go for more pie? Or I’m strong enough to resist the pie, but I’m now in a shitty mood or I just feel shitty about myself.

It’s the holiday. I’m allowed to celebrate with my friends. I’m allowed to feel grateful for them and enjoy some delicious food. Give thanks then take a bite. Then when the holiday ends, get back on that diet. Enjoy the sugar and carbs while it lasts, with every single bite, with every single second. It’ll taste like shit if you bite into the pie with guilt in your mouth.

Happy thanksgiving!


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