Things that keep me sane


9:41 am


-Good music
-Laughing with friends
-Spikeball and basketball
-Yummy food
-An episode of Nus et Culottes
-Travelling and finally feeling like the place you belong in that place
-Having a purpose

It’s the last one that’s a doozy. Who actually knows what their purpose is. And if anybody knows what that purpose is, who is actually taking the steps in that direction? I think about what happens when we die quite often. Will it just be utter blackness, how it was before we were born? Or will we with be with God? Whatever the answer is, we have to make the most of this life we live now. But are we? I just sit on my ass all day long and don’t do anything. So what the fuck am I working towards? And how badly do I want that thing? If I’m not doing shit about it clearly not that badly. I really wish I leaned in harder to some of the people and some of the times I had in the past. I keep telling myself that I’m going to lean in harder to the people around me but I haven’t done shit with my family.


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