Unlimited Money




If you had unlimited money – think about it – literally unlimited money, do you think you would be happy? You would buy this house, that car, those toys, maybe that car too. But do you think you’d be happy? Imagine just going on a full shopping spree on amazon. You’d be able to pay for one day shipping, so all your little goodies will come tomorrow! Wow! I feel as though, after that high dies down, your life will be the same. There are some large benefits that come from buying a nice home and car, but your life will be the same. Your well being, the person that tells you to get up in the morning, to not yell at that person in line, or it’s okay to cry now, they won’t be affected. Sure your outer self will look more happy in the possessions you have. But I’m not sure if you will actually be better. Before buying something, ask yourself, will this improve the utility of my life and those around me? If so, then think some more then buy it.


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