War and Death




Let’s say Russia bombs a NATO country and the USA steps in, declares a state of emergency, and you’re drafted into the military, sent straight to Ukraine with a M16 in your trembling hands.

You could die. You probably will die.

This could happen in X amount of years. Insert whatever number you want. Maybe it’s not fighting on the front lines. Maybe it’s a nuke.

Nevertheless, you’re dead.

This scenario begs the question, therefore are you living out your best life today?

Because you could die. You will die. What are you doing today to make sure you’re alive?

I think about Steve Jobs, who worked his ass off for Apple, Pixar, etc. And then pancreatic cancer. $250 million to his name and he’s dead.

He better have enjoyed the ride. Rich and dead. Is it worth it?

I’m not sure. I dick around with my time way too much. I am prime meat to be sent to a war if the US says so. I write these posts for myself to convince myself to stop being a dumbass. I will hit publish and probably dick around some more, without changing any of my behavior.

So conviction, come on in. Whip me to shape.


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