What is the one thing?




Debbie Miller asked on Tim Ferriss’ podcast, what is the one most important thing to you? You can ask this question

  • before making a career decision,
  • before marrying someone
  • before choosing your university
  • before getting a divorce
  • before big life crossroads moment

It seems as though mine is finally being okay with myself. Yes that is more important to me than family, money, fame, making movies, women (although these are all related to that).

As much as I’d want to appear noble and say the ONE thing most important to me is family, God, serving poor people, my actions don’t back me up.

Why do I workout? Why was I addicted to porn? Why do I make movies? Why do I want to be financially stable? Why do I sometimes want a girlfriend? Why do I want to fix my relationship with my parents? If you boil it all down and find the true reason, it is wanting to be okay with myself.

Realistically, that will never happen. The finish line will keep moving. So what if I just started being okay with myself now? Make that decision and live it out because nothing will change. No Oscar or money in the bank or even fixed relationship with dad will truly make me okay. So I start now, today, and find something else in my life to live for.


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