What’s the point of being in a relationship?




I’ve been thinking about this person for quite some time. How healthy is it to think of someone everyday for nine months straight? That must do something to your brain.

All the pain that you go through following a breakup, is it worth it? Will you come away from that pain a better person? And everything you gain, it far outweighs all the pain that you feel? Is there an easier way to do this or is that the point. There’s no shortcuts so you have to endure. Straight and through.

It must be good to endure. There are so many attractive qualities to being with someone. But once you’re in it, you realize there are so many difficulties that you didn’t exactly sign up for. But you still decide to keep going. So it must mean it’s worth it. Right? Personally I’m not sure. Clearly I’m going through it. How long will it be till I don’t think about this person for nine months straight? Oof I wanna say at least like 10 years. People don’t disappear like that. And when they do, it’s so sad. For someone to be so close and then so far away. What a curiosity.


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