Who will you be after this?




Confinement sucks in a lot of ways. But it’s also great in a lot of ways. You can finally start that book that you’ve been wanting to read. Or that personal project – that manuscript, screenplay, YouTube Channel, film, song. Or are you binging netflix everyday instead? That’s what I was doing at first. Feeling down on myself and using this time to “heal”. Which is good and all we all need it. But don’t you think there would be lots of healing if you do that thing that you’ve put on the backburner for so long? Is this alive time or dead time? Will you come out of this a better person? More accomplished, more skills, smarter. Or will you come out fatter, lazier, even more sad when you see your peers who did something with their time. So X out of Netflix for the last time and pick up that book.


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