Reading Andrew Hale’s blog, I can’t help but compare myself. He doesn’t keep it religiously or anything but his command of words is so much better. But he has no formal training or anything. He’s just writing his thoughts on a page. Check his out at lahwf.me

This blog has definitely pointed out that my writing style is quite meh. The syntax is repetitive. The words aren’t anything special. The pacing needs work. There’s a lot of things wrong. People who read these past 16 entries, will be able to easily see a pattern in how I write these.

Well whatever I guess. What can I do about it. This is my first time doing something like this. I’m going to reevaluate at 100 just like I said earlier.

Nonetheless I am inspired to write better. “Symbols on a page stimulating our mind with beautiful simplicity” – Andrew Hales. Isn’t it fascinating how simple words can do so much to us? Words make up stories, and music, and dialogue, and podcasts, and arguments. They truly do a lot. And the whole rhyme, stick and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me is a bunch of BS. Because stick and stones hurt but healing from sticks and stones is more likely and easier in a way. And words melt in your heart or they’re branded on your skin. And that hurts.

Something that I’ve learned about blogs are, nobody really cares about the questions you write at the end. So far 0 people have read this but that was good for me to realize.



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