Would I tolerate this person if they were ugly?




There’s a common theme in the people I surround myself with: they’re all good looking. Especially the women. There’s some deep rooted insecurity here of wanting their approval, though that’s for another day.

Some of those people have ugly personalities. They’re neurotic, they’re weak, they bring me down. Those are common traits a lot of people share, though I ask myself, why do I keep them around? If they were ugly, would I tolerate this behavior? Nope. Eject. I would scram out of there. So why do I stick around? Why do I put up with them? Just because they’re pretty? Literally just because they look like that? People are generally when people look the best. When they get older and gravity sags their face to look like a thumb, looks won’t matter. It’s so superficial. Yet I find myself putting up with stupid behavior just because a girl has blue eyes. Gross. What a damn lie, looks.

I don’t know what the lesson is. Should I start tolerating all people if they have a cool personality? Idk dude. I should fix this at the source, find worth in myself, boost my confidence, work on myself because who gives a crap about pretty girls that will look like thumbs in 30 years. That’s mean. As gravity does it work, we can only hope they are also refining themselves to have ridiculously good souls.


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